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Looking for Wedding Decor Companies in Durban: Koogan Pillay Set Design is a Western and Indian wedding decor hiring company based in Durban. We handle Hindu / Indian wedding decor in Durban, Muslim Wedding decor in Durban, Christian wedding decor in Durban and stage decor hire in Durban. We also offer Event decor for functions in Durban and have a custom fabrication and set design wing, Kreative Perspectives (KP), that services other types of events such as: concerts, television, theatre and parties

After establishing a solid niche in the wedding décor industry by handling many high-profile weddings in Durban South Africa; KP expanded its’ portfolio to manage the growing demand for corporate events, thematic functions, television sets, festivals, parties and concerts. Today KP stands with over thirty-four years of experience in the event industry with a track record that includes original sets for: The Africa Peace Award, World Airlines, Sun International, The SABC, The Durban Chamber of Commerce as well as official events for the South African tours of Bon Jovi, Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, KJ Yesudas, Mohammed Rafi and Lata Mangeshkar as well as numerous high profile weddings. Kreative Perspectives (KP) specializes in producing the best event decor and stage designs for intimate weddings as well as massive multinational events. What distinguishes our work from the rest is the fact that we tackle stage and set design from the perspective of an artist’s eye. All our sets are hand crafted at our studio (which you can visit) and we are constantly working on new and exciting concepts. Our sets can be tailored to fit your budget whilst still exemplifying your personal taste. No matter the size of your function or the capacity of your budget you will always be treated with the same distinctive professionalism that our company has become synonymous with. We guarantee a superior product with superior service and attention to detail that is unsurpassed.

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